The Story Behind the Loopd Logo Facelift

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Loopd just got a makeover, and we hope you agree that the results are dynamic. To keep up with our growing momentum and evolving capabilities, we decided it was time to give our old logo a fresh update.

Take a tour with us to explore the reasons behind the changes and revisit the driving purpose behind all of our efforts here at Loopd.

The Vision

Ever since the early days, Loopd has operated with eight core values. These principles drive our actions and relationships with customers and team members alike:

  1. Enterprise-inspired, consumer-reliant: We catalyze the intuitiveness of individual user experiences to produce collective greatness.
  2. Passionate about relationships: Social capital is the most valuable modern currency. We understand it, track it, and analyze it.
  3. Operational superiority: In order for our products and services to be valuable, they must work absolutely. Reliable functionality is critical.
  4. Immersive innovation: Our holistic approach for understanding the entire relational ecosystem allows us to decipher the social footprint and give it meaning in both the digital and physical realms.
  5. Bias towards adaptability: In technology, as in life, the only constant is change. We embrace that.
  6. Clarity through candor: We believe that uniqueness and integrity are not mutually exclusive. We don’t spin the data, but instead serve our clients with inspiration and accuracy.
  7. Experience-driven design: Design must always enhance the user experience. Better design equates with better experiences.
  8. Effective communication flow: Our ability to capture and analyze relational data and information produces results-driven outcomes that benefit our clients and our clients’ clients.

The Logo

It’s been three years since Loopd first launched, and we wanted to assess what our company has become and align our logo accordingly. As a leader in event data measurement and management, we needed to convey a more holistic brand that focused on these capabilities and how they drive corporate sales and marketing.

As our design team worked on new possibilities, they kept this goal in mind, at last emerging with this at the end of that process:

We are proud to reveal this new Loopd logo as a representation of the convergence of the physical world with socially-driven digital capabilities. The design conveys connection and the impact of effective relationships with longevity.

At first glance, it is playful and smart, intricate, but not confusing. It is substantive and interesting, but at the same time, passionate and vibrant. This logo is the perfect illustration of who we are as a company and what we can be in the future.

This new logo was designed to scale, but also tweaked to be clearly visible and recognizable in all sizes. Because it will be used in many capacities, it needed to be flexible, but at the same time standardized, overwhelmingly dynamic, but without even a hint of fussiness. On the Loopd Badge and other products, the small logos have non-uniform scaling and are custom built to maintain clarity and detail.

The Colors

Simply changing the design was not enough. We also integrated a new color palette into our logo and website. With the introduction of Pantone Warm Red C, Pantone 3115 C (the teal tone, for those who haven’t memorized the entirety of the Pantone color chart), Pantone 7662 C (a shade of purple), and a secondary usage of Pantone 282 C (the dark blue/navy), we warmed up the feel of the logo and the site.

Often, these two elements are the first introduction someone has with Loopd. We wanted to ensure that our branding enhanced that first impression and delivered an accurate representation of who we are and what we can do.

These new colors give dimension to our image and literal color to our personality. They make us more engaging and alive. In contrast with other tech companies that are distant and impersonal, Loopd delivers the human element with a technology advantage to inspire social capital growth.

Loopd’s primary goal is to amplify relationship success through analytics. We believe that this new logo is another powerful component in serving our customers and accomplishing that goal. Compared to our old logo, this makeover amplifies our presence, making it bolder and more noticeable.

We believe in what we are doing and want our clients and potential clients to be automatically attracted to this vision.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new look!